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What is the definition of customer service


Good customer service is a company-wide strategy to (1) eliminate the root causes of support, (2) honor a customer's time, preferences, and humanity, as well as (3) sacrifice ourselves in the service of exceptional support. In this sense, you'll never be "done" providing customer service—and that's the point. Excellent customer service means that you actively seek out the opportunity to deliver more than the standard. It means thoroughly listening to your customers when they tell you what they need. Also, it equals offering support when your customer may be a little bit in over their head. Here's a very simple definition of good customer service: good customer service is about maximizing your ability to make the bad things that happen to your customers go away really quickly. There are two major factors that play a role here. First off, you want to solve every case as fast as possible.

Answer (1 of 3): "What is Customer Service?" This question gets asked a lot. Maybe because Customer Service is such a broad subject, making it hard to define. It can also mean different things for different people. Out of all the definitions I've heard and read about customer service, Salesforce.

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Customer service reps provide assistance to customers of a business. They offer guidance, support, and education to patrons of a store or users of a product. They are the first line of defense at a company for questions, problems, and, ultimately, resolutions. For e-commerce brands, customer service reps are also tasked with upholding the.

Customer Service Definition. The definition of customer service is "making sure customers are satisfied and will continue to buy products or services of a company". Assisting Difficult Customers. To assist difficult customers, a service representative must apologize that the situation occurred, then figure out how/why the problem occurred.

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